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Stop Dampness and Moisture


Humydry® dehumidifiers put an end to excessive moisture in the air and create a perfect and comfortable climate in the room. The perfect degree of humidity is between 40% and 60%. A higher degree can lead to humidity problems in a house.

The consequences of excess humidity are condensation on walls and windows, mould, mites, rust, exfoliating paint, mouldy and damp smells. So prevention is important.

Right ventilation. A good air circulation helps to get fresh air into a house and old damp air out of it. But air circulation alone is not enough to lower a high degree of humidity. Here the highly effective Humydry® dehumidifiers come into the game.

The Humydry® dehumidifiers are economic products as they operate without any power or batteries. At any time they can be refilled with the universal refills. This is important for the continuous success to keep the perfect degree of humidity.

They collect excessive humidity as liquid in the container of the dehumidifiers.

The Humydry® dehumidifiers are economic products against excess humidity. They operate without any power or batteries. At any time they can be refilled with the universal Humydry refills. This is important to keep continuously the right degree of humidity.

For every dampness problem in a room, a car or a boat Humydry® has the suitable dehumidifier.

Find it at in our online shop and get rid of excess humidity. 

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Humydry® for fresher living.

HUMYDRY® products are manufactured by HUMEX S.A. and are present in more than 40 countries under the HUMYDRY® trademark.

Breathe in. Sit back.
The air is clean thanks to HUMYDRY®.
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